This Season and Last Nights Awards


Thank you all for a Fantastic evening of celebration last night , seeing the lads enjoy themselves is the most rewarding part of the journey. We’ve enjoyed a super season together, one of very many ! This was my 10th with many of the lads (although sometimes did feel like the 20th !!)

Many thanks to my compadres Phil, Rich, Morgan and Simon. They will continue to be involved in some ways and Phil for one I know is very much looking forward to the return.

Thank you Vicky for all the photos and book keeping and as Elvis said last night the lads will have a digital record for life, these photos are so valuable, ask a few old gits like me of how many youth rugby photos they have and it’ll be single digits if that ! (Phil has a few more from his days playing with Webb Ellis).

Jack n Webby, welcome aboard and they’ll be with us throughout the lads time with colts and help them transition into the senior game. Rob Outen will be with us next season, Rob brings a massive wealth of experience. Alex and Charlie will be with us doing match and training analysis and Nigel Mitchell will assist with forwards coaching.

MJ – huge thanks for serving us culinary delights every Sunday.


Please remember that and lend a hand now and again if you have a spare moment. Help is ALWAYS needed and much appreciated. I’ve now stepped down from some of my many roles and passed on the baton to very capable others. Youth chair will be Mike OConnor . Many of you will know Kiwi Mike and that the club will be in good hands !

I’ve partly done this as my youth journey is coming to an end as we transition through colts into senior rugby. It will also allow me more time to concentrate on my Level 3 and further my coaching journey.

You’ll be overjoyed to know I’ll be continuing to coach the lads until we hand them over to the seniors when the time is right …….. who knows, I may even move up with them ???

The last 10 years have honestly been an absolute pleasure and I was humbled to receive such positive feedback from so many parents as to he impact Rugby, the club, coaches and the team has had on the boys. I’ve seen many transform over the years and have taken great pleasure in knowing I was a little part of that.

Rugby is the vehicle but the bond the lads develop on nights like last night is priceless and will gift them lifelong friendships and memories !!

To all those returning, be it next season or not – there’s always a place for you at Bognor RFC, for those taking a break or moving on,
It’s been a pleasure seeing you develop into the gentlemen you are today . Good luck !

Enjoy the summer and for the majority returning next season …… see you soon ! We got a fantastic future ahead of us and so much planned !!

I do need forms and deposits for Kelly and St Georges. I will send the forms out one more time next week as final numbers are needed by May 27th. Places are limited so if you do want to be part of it get me the forms back ASAP if you haven’t done so already.

Next season will be Bognor RFC’s ! 💚💜💚💜

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