Today and next week


Firstly NO TRAINING THIS TUESDAY OR SUNDAY 25th November – RETURNING Tuesday 27th 6-7pm as normal.

We’re a bit battered and bruised and with the mocks and a free week enjoy the rest !

Today 24-24

Where do I start ???

Firstly, sincere apologies if you was in earshot of a rare expletive (or 10) from me today…..

Very frustrating to watch as we conceded 32, yes 32 penalties !!! That’s 3 whole lengths of the pitch in given away territory !! 2 tries dropped over the line and 2 gifted to them. We’ve got to start learning from the mistakes we make on the pitch and NOT keep repeating them ! Too many errors cost us 2 extra league points and top of the table !!

The ref’s comments were that he thought we were the better team BUT discipline let us down !!!!! Nearly 2 reds – same person; you know who you are 😉

In reflection, we scored more tries than them (4-3). We played some really great rugby but our finishing let us down, we stuck at it and seemed more than fit enough to compete.

Tries from Ben W, James B , Big Dyl and SUPER TRY from Charlie Jays

So many MOTM performances but today they went to Nathan Chitty and Ethan (must’ve been the boots !!)

EVERYONE , mistakes aside, produced fantastic performances and showed more resilience than I’ve seen in ANY team !

James drew us the team effort match with a conversion from the touch line bouncing in off the posts after a “through the legs- double megs” pass from Elvis to eventually see Dyl power over the line. We played some fantastic rugby but struggled to finish well.

Today’s result sees us TOP of the league (I think we’re on 11 points tbc) , not bad at all at this stage of the season and with 2 tough league games left before we start our cup run !!

Well done lads. Proud of you all, despite my extra -ordinary team talks !!

Enjoy the rest – prepare for Vectis (Isle of Wight) and our Christmas Jolly on December 9th.

Cheers !!

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